Gold Square Base Exposed-Bulb Table Lamp

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A stylish, exposed-bulb style table lamp featuring a square base.
  • 4.5" High Lamp

    Table lamp measures 4.0" long by 4.0" wide by 4.5" high.  

  • Premium Composition

    Expertly crafted from metal, resulting in a spectacular lamp that is not only visually enticing but also sturdy and substantial.

  • Superior Finish

    Featuring a gold polish, the Visio III is a spectacular lamp that boasts of a dazzling design.  

  • Beautiful Illumination

    Hosts a E26 bulb that beautifully illuminates any space. 

  • Modern/Industrial Inspired Design

    Designed to be an instant head-turner, it flaunts clean lines and a minimalist design, which when complemented by its radiant finish, makes it the perfect addition to any modern or industrial space and setting.