SOCCO Annex is all about reconnecting with you, our local community, through a physical store. We adore beautifully handcrafted home décor and want to reach people who share our passion.

In 2020, the pandemic forced us to think about what really matters. Time spent apart highlighted the importance of human interaction and how small businesses and local shops help build and sustain communities. We choose products that support heritage craft methods & artisan techniques over manufacturing whenever possible. This enables us to work with international creators in a respectful and ethical way.

Behind the Brand

Samir founded SOCCO Designs in 2017 after moving to Canada from Morocco in 2011. Today, the SOCCO workshop in Rabat collaborates with 20 local artisans. His goal was to bring the charm and unique beauty of traditional Moroccan handcrafting to customers in North America and beyond. 

French photographer and graphic designer, Marion became a part of the SOCCO journey in 2020 when she moved to Toronto from Vannes in France. You’ve likely seen her work on our Instagram, where her photographs reflect SOCCO’s clean and modern aesthetic.

In early 2021, Samir and Marion were hard at work setting up the SOCCO Annex store. From painting walls to stocking shelves, they brought SOCCO’s online aesthetic to life.

Handmade Home Goods Just for You 

We want to introduce you to brands that share our values and honour traditional crafting methods while treating workers fairly. Each product is made with a human touch that mass-manufactured products can’t compare to. 


SOCCO Annex embodies a style that is both modern and elegant but never boring. Step inside and you’ll find shelves lined with handcrafted straw accessories, handwoven textile pieces, handblown glass, and natural tones.

Stop by to take in our clean, modern, earthy aesthetic and get inspiration for beautifying your home.

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